some selected links, worth a visit

Happy Foot e.V. our Round Dance Club in Frankenthal

RD Cuesheets a collection of many cuesheets

ECTA – European Callers and Teachers Association
Round Dance Wiki der ECTA
Roundalab – The International Association of Round Dance Teachers

Round Dance Server from Martin Prüfer
Homepage from Sammy and Ingrid David
Homepage from Klaus Völkl
Homepage from Regina and Michael Schmidt
Homepage from Gabriele Langer
Homepage from Christian Schidler
Homepage from Ilona and Stefan Lankuttis
Homepage from Alexander Pohl - homepage with video
Cue Sheet Datenbank from Mixed-Up Squares
Cue Sheet Datenbank (ECTA Step Level - Teachinglevel) from Martin Prüfer
Cuerverzeichnis from Vic Ceder

Roundalab Classic
Round Dancing Net (Linkliste)